Community resources

We have a small community, but we’re happy to talk to you.

Code of conduct

Community members in all community spaces and beyond are expected to act in accordance with the Hare code of conduct.


All Hare users are encouraged to subscribe to the hare-announce mailing list to receive important updates regarding changes to the Hare language, release announcements, and security advisories.


To ask questions about Hare, please email hare-users, or browse the archives.

Development mailing lists

Please send patches and development questions for the Hare standard library and compilers to hare-dev, or browse the archives.

If you have a proposal for a change to Hare, you can send it to hare-rfc (or browse the archives), but please read the “RFC process” document to ensure this is the appropriate list for you.

Real-time chat

We meet on in various channels:


We have a community-maintained presence on the Fediverse supernetwork at Follow us from any Fediverse server for Hare news and updates.

Evangelizing Hare

We have a page documenting efforts to bring Hare to the masses, which concerns how community members can participate in promoting and popularizing Hare among its target audience: Hare evangelism.