Hare is a systems programming language designed to be simple, stable, and robust. Hare uses a static type system, manual memory management, and a minimal runtime. It is well-suited to writing operating systems, system tools, compilers, networking software, and other low-level, high performance tasks.

use fmt;

export fn main() void = {
	const greetings = [
		"Hello, world!",
		"¡Hola Mundo!",
		"Γειά σου Κόσμε!",
		"Привіт, світе!",
	for (let greeting .. greetings) {

Getting started

Read the installation steps to get Hare for your system, then read the tutorial. To see if Hare is available for your system, consult the supported platforms list. To find projects and libraries written in Hare, check out the project library.

Latest news

July 14, 2024 by Drew DeVault

Hare 0.24.2 released

Who's behind Hare?

Eleven maintainers and about a hundred contributors.

Supporting Hare

We have an Open Collective for donations and commercial sponsorships.

Hare fits on a 3½" floppy disc — these will be available for purchase when Hare 1.0 is released!