Community resources

We have a small community, but we’re happy to talk to you.

Community members in all community spaces and beyond are expected to act in accordance with the Code of conduct.

Mailing lists


All mailing lists require the use of plain-text email.


All Hare users are encouraged to subscribe to the hare-announce mailing list to receive important updates regarding changes to the Hare language, release announcements, and security advisories.


The hare-users mailing list is used for end-user support, questions, and general discussion of Hare.


Development discussion takes place on hare-dev, as well as patches for the Hare toolchain and standard and extended libraries.


Larger changes proposed for the Hare programming language are discussed using the RFC process on hare-rfc.

IRC channels

We meet for real-time chat on in various channels:

  • #hare: Questions and general discussion about Hare.

  • #hare-dev: Discussion about Hare development.

  • #hare-soc: Social channel, for light off-topic discussion.


We have a community-maintained presence on the Fediverse supernetwork at Follow us from any Fediverse server for Hare news and updates.