Welcome to the Hare programming language!

use fmt;
use os;

export fn main() void = {
     const user = os::getenv("USER") as str;
     fmt::printfln("Welcome to the Hare documentation, {}!", user)!;

Getting started

To get started with Hare, see the Installation guide, then read the tutorial. To find projects and libraries written in Hare, check out the project library.

Standard library reference

For the standard library reference documentation, see docs.harelang.org.

Community resources

For information about participating in the Hare community, such as:

  • Where to get help

  • Participating in development

  • Code of Conduct and conduct enforcement

See Community resources.

Further reading

harelang.org is the homepage for Hare and includes the blog and other resources, such as the source code and language specification.